5 DIY Storage Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know

Summer is here and that means it’s road trip season! Whether you’re trekking across the country or simply across the street, these storage tips are guaranteed to keep your car spotless and ready for any adventure.

  1. Clip On to Clean Up

Your car has so much vertical space that is rarely utilized. An easy way to take advantage of this is to use clip-on carabiners to organize your back seat. Simply clip the carabiner to the back of your headrest, attach your items, and you’re ready to roll. These little gadgets guarantee your car will be the star of summer while handling your groceries, umbrellas, and handbags with ease.

  1. Cupcake Cup Holders

Tired of cleaning out dried soda or coffee from your cup holders? Purchase a few silicone cupcake liners to protect your car from tough stains and spills. When a mess happens, take the liners out, pop them in the dishwasher, and repeat.

  1. Put a Lid on the Litter

Grocery receipts, gum wrappers, and empty cups always manage to find their way into the nooks and crannies of a car. Instead of throwing the trash in the back seat, use an old cereal container to create your own mini garbage can. Line the inside of the container with a plastic grocery bag, attach the lid, and you’re done! Not only will your trashcan keep your floors spotless, but the lid closure also keeps any odors from cramping your style during your next road trip.

  1. Get a Grip on Loose Change

Almost every driver knows the feeling of scraping out rusty and crusty change from a cupholder. It’s not very pleasant, but there’s an easy solution to tighten up your loose change. You can utilize an old chewing gum container to contain your coins and keep the mess at bay. Clean out the container, set it in your cup holder or center console, and store your change as easy as that.

  1. Carry a Caddy

Shower caddies are normally kept in the bathroom, but you should consider keeping one in your car. These plastic organizers are perfect for any car care fluids you may store in your backseat or trunk. Keep essentials such as brake fluid, motor oil, and windshield wiper fluid handy and drive with a clear mind during your next vacation.

These hacks help guarantee your vehicle will be a storage star, but you shouldn’t stop there. Auto Glass of America’s trained technicians and specialists are ready to make sure you’re riding in a clean and safe style all summer long. Find your nearest Autoglass of America location to ensure your car is ready for your next adventure.

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