Maintaining Visibility on the Road

Seeing the road clearly, whether it’s during weather (involving rain or snow) or not, is a crucial aspect of safe driving. Wiper blade maintenance can be easy to forget about until we need really them, which is why being proactive about cleaning and changing them is important for every driver.

How do I check and clean my wiper blades?

It’s best practice to check on your wiper blades every six months at the least. In order to properly check your wiper blades, lift each of the blades off of the windshield and feel for any cracks, rigid edges, or places it may have been chipped. If you find any of these issues, it’s time to replace. If not, they should be good to go. If there’s any issues with streak marks on your windshield, try cleaning the blades gently with dish soap and a paper towel. Cleaning the windshield itself can help with avoiding streak marks from wiper blades, as well.

How often should I change my wiper blades?

The time frame for how often you should change your wiper blades depends on the weather where you live. If you get winter weather, change them every six months to be safe. Be sure to change both the front and rear wipers when you change one or the other, as they receive the same wear and tear over time. Regularly changing your wiper blades will not only help you maintain clear visibility on the road, but also help protect your glass windshields from possible scratches caused by the blades.

How can I use my defrost system to help me see the road?

For starters, a vehicle’s air conditioning system must be working in order for the defrost system to function. Most vehicles use the air conditioning compressor to dry the windshield and maintain visibility for the driver. Pro tip: make sure your air is not directed at the floor, as that can cause the air flow to fog the windows on the side and rear of the car.

As winter approaches, be prepared so you can drive with clear vision of the road in any weather conditions. Follow the tips above and stay safe while driving this season. Read more about defrosting your windshield in no time on our blog.

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