Brakes on a Budget: Caution on Aftermarket Products

Getting a brake job on your car is never fun. Not only does it cost time, but a proper job can cost some serious cash, too. Most car owners know that quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to car maintenance, but the option of using cheaper aftermarket products can be incredibly tempting. Instead of putting your trust in knockoff parts, head to a verified automotive supplier for your next repair. Still not convinced? Here are 3 ways the aftermarket industry can affect your car repair experience. 

  1. Lack of Regulations

The danger of aftermarket products is largely due to the fact that there are no regulations on the industry. Mark Lavelle, a member of the Global Brake Safety Council, recently said “There is zero regulation on parts that can be sold for brakes. People can sell anything.” Because the market is basically the wild, wild west, suppliers can push products that are not up to the standards of the original manufacturers. For example, original brake pads are made with pickled and oiled galvanized steel. This creates an ultra-clean surface when the friction material is glued on, unlike its counterparts made in other parts of the world. This keeps your brake pads from immediately rusting and ensures the integrity of the product. Unless you are receiving parts from a verified automotive supplier, you could fall victim to shoddy aftermarket products and put your car and yourself in harm’s way. 

  1. Few Warranty Options

Most car repair professionals and corporations make sure the job is done right the first time. If there is a mistake or a faulty part, the majority of providers will accept responsibility and redo the repair. However, when working with aftermarket parts or unlicensed garages, warranties can go out the window. Because there is no regulation on aftermarket products, suppliers are not required to provide warranties or guarantees on their products. If an aftermarket product you purchased for cheap breaks or malfunctions, you could wind up paying for the same job twice. Instead, opt for a licensed garage or repair specialist who will ensure the job is done right every time. 

  1. Car Safety

At the end of the day, your safety and the safety of other drivers is the most important factor in car repair. Cheap parts are more likely to break, malfunction, or cause damage to other parts of your car. Brakes are one of the most important functions on any vehicle and even a small lapse in functionality can cause a catastrophe. While purchasing parts online can be risky, not all aftermarket products are bad. However, it takes a trained eye to spot the difference between a quality part and a knockoff. Consult with an automotive professional before purchasing parts for your car to guarantee your safety and meet your vehicle’s standards. 

Trust the Professionals

Whether it’s brakes, windshields, or airbags, make sure you are working with seasoned veterans who use parts that meet your vehicle’s standards. At Auto Glass of America, you can rest easy when it comes to glass repairs on your car. Our team of trained professionals uses only the highest quality parts to perform repairs, guaranteeing your satisfaction and safety. Whether it’s a chip on your windshield or a full replacement, visit your local Auto Glass of America for all of your glass repair needs. 

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