5 Motor Vehicle Safety Standards You Should Know

When it comes to a broken windshield and your safety, you don’t want to be in the game of taking chances. It is imperative that a broken windshield be replaced properly. The following 5 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) must be met for proper installation and Auto Glass of America will guarantee that they […]

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When to Repair vs. Replace a Damaged Windshield

The sound of your windshield cracking or chipping is one of the worst sounds you can hear. You’re driving home from work one day, minding your own business, and then you hear it….CRACK! A rock from a truck in front of you hits your windshield. It’s a frustrating situation because even though it wasn’t your […]

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What to Do When Your Car is Broken Into

We all hate to think about it, but it’s something that can happen. You come out of the mall, shopping center, gym, or grocery store to find your windshield smashed to bits. Whether it’s a side window or rear window doesn’t change the sinking feeling you get upon seeing your space violated. Car break-ins aren’t […]

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