5 DIY Storage Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know

Summer is here and that means it’s road trip season! Whether you’re trekking across the country or simply across the street, these storage tips are guaranteed to keep your car spotless and ready for any adventure. Clip On to Clean Up Your car has so much vertical space that is rarely utilized. An easy way […]

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How to Apply a Car Decal Perfectly

There are few things more frustrating than applying a decal or sticker and being left with air bubbles or stepping back to find it just slightly off-center or crooked. Next time you’re ready to show off your favorite sports team, school, brand, or cheesy saying to your car windshield, follow these steps for a perfect […]

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Quick and Easy Summer Car Tips

Summertime is for vacations, traveling, and enjoying the sun. When your car has been outside all day, however, we all feel the heat — literally — that your car retains. Admit it, everyone has gotten into their car and felt like they were in an oven. You touch the steering wheel, and you almost burn […]

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