How to Apply a Car Decal Perfectly

There are few things more frustrating than applying a decal or sticker and being left with air bubbles or stepping back to find it just slightly off-center or crooked. Next time you’re ready to show off your favorite sports team, school, brand, or cheesy saying to your car windshield, follow these steps for a perfect application.

Step 1:

Start by cleaning the area of your window or windshield where you want to place your decal. Use a damp paper towel with a very conservative amount of soap and let it air dry. Do not use glass cleaner or you will be left with unwanted residue!

Step 2:

Lay your sticker on a flat surface face up and use a credit card or squeegee to go over the decal. This helps ensure that the sticker will stay on the transfer layer rather than the protective back paper you are about to remove.

Step 3:

Position your decal where you want it on the windshield and remove the protective layer (usually a white piece of paper) on the back. Slowly begin placing it on the windshield starting either left to right or right to left, while using a credit card or squeegee again, this time to avoid any air bubbles from forming.

Step 4:

When the sticker is fully placed on the windshield, reach for your credit card or squeegee again and firmly go over the entire surface of the sticker before you remove the top or transfer layer.

Step 5:

Starting from one side, very slowly begin removing the top layer of the decal. At this time, your sticker should be staying in place on the windshield rather than the top layer. If it is not staying firmly on the car, repeat step 4 and if possible, try waiting a few hours before trying again.

Applying Stickers to Auto Glass of America Windows and Windshields

We hope these tips are helpful next time you decide to support your favorite team, candidate, or anything else on your vehicle with a fun decal. When using a credit card or squeegee during this process, remember to be cautious of your auto glass. Following these steps slowly will hopefully help you avoid any scratches or damage to your windows or windshields.

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