Taking Care of Your Windshield This Summer

As it heats up outside, it is important to remember how the changes in temperature require extra attention when it comes to summertime or ongoing windshield maintenance. The biggest summer windshield tip to remember is that fluctuating temperatures and heat can quickly cause a small windshield issue to become a large one. So, if you want to avoid windshield damage this summer, follow these six windshield maintenance tips:

1. Repair windshield chips and small cracks immediately.

If your windshield does chip or slightly crack, make sure to repair it as soon as possible. Chips and small cracks left unrepaired in the hot summer heat can easily turn into large cracks that will require a more costly windshield replacement.

2. Avoid slamming doors and trunks.

The vibrations made when a car door or trunk is slammed shut can ultimately damage, chip, or crack a windshield. Protect your windshields, and help them last longer, by shutting doors and trunks slowly.  

3. Park in the shade.

Avoiding the heat all together is the best thing you can do for your windshield this summer.  However, if you must park in the sun, make sure to crack the windows before exiting your car so the heat won’t build up inside the vehicle.

4. Don’t use reflective sun shades.

The benefit of keeping your car cool on the inside does not always outweigh the negative side of sun shades. In fact, the reflection used to reflect the heat away from your car actually heats your windshield and can cause it to be more easily damaged.

5. Let your car cool off before washing.

If you’ve been out in your car on a hot summer day, make sure you pull back into the garage or find a shady spot to let your car cool off before attempting to wash the windshield. This will protect your windshield, as well as help reduce dry spots left behind by cleaning supplies left to dry in the sun.

6. Ask the windshield experts.

If you do end up with a damaged windshield this summer, contact the experts at Auto Glass of America. We’ll give you a free windshield repair or replacement estimate, and no matter if your car is domestic or foreign, or your issue is with your windows, side mirrors, or windshield, we’ll get you back on the road quickly. Call at 865-675-3408 to schedule your appointment.


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