Top 3 Causes of Windshield Cracks

Windshields are very common in our everyday lives; however, they are definitely not something we think about often. We tend to put all our faith in the strength of the glass, but windshields are not indestructible. While auto glass is designed to withstand rough treatment, it will not withstand everything, and a cracked windshield will put the brakes on daily productivity and mobility. If you want to learn more ways to protect your windshield and prevent future damage, we’ve compiled three common causes of windshield cracks:

1. Temperature Change

Severe temperature swings, in a short amount of time, cause glass to expand and contract, and using your defrost can sometimes exacerbate the situation. Your windshield will typically heat fastest around the edges, rather than in the middle, making this the most common crack related to temperature changes. Seasons like early spring, when the mornings are freezing but the afternoons warm up, are also especially risky. The rapid expansion and contraction causes glass to crack, and although cracks can start out small, they are easily intensified by any further rough treatment. Furthermore, if your windshield is already cracked, quick and intense temperature changes can intensify a small crack.

2. Debris

We all know the feeling: a rock flies at your windshield and makes a sound like a gunshot — and more often than not, damages your windshield. In fact, flying debris causes a large portion of windshield cracks; from garbage and cement trucks to big rigs kicking back pebbles and rocks, driving without your windshield taking a hit is hard to do. When debris leaves your windshield cracked, getting your windshield repaired as quickly as possible is important for preventing any further (and more costly) damage.

3. Poor Installation

Unfortunately, avoiding a cracked windshield is nearly impossible. If your windshield was poorly made or carelessly installed, nothing you do will help avoid windshield damage or cracks. In these cases, it’s hard to know if a windshield was installed correctly or not until something goes wrong. For instance, a poorly installed windshield is usually loose, which leads to vibrations that cause cracks. On the flip side, windshields that are installed too tightly causes stress on the glass, also resulting in glass cracks. If your windshield is factory installed, it has probably passed very stringent safety standards; however, replacement windshields aren’t always installed with the same care. If your windshield needs replaced, always perform extensive research on whom you choose to install a new windshield — it can save you money in the long run.

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