Windshield Repair & Replacement FAQs

How do I know when to repair or replace my auto glass?

It’s best to get your auto glass checked out as soon as possible. Even if your chip or crack is small, it can spread if you hit a pothole or drive on a gravel road. If you wait too long, that small crack that could’ve been repaired could grow into a much larger crack that requires a full auto glass replacement, which is likely to cost you more. When to repair vs. when to replace depends on several factors, like the size, location, and number of chips or cracks. While a repair can be quick, easy, and inexpensive, a replacement can be more costly, making it crucial to visit an auto glass specialist immediately following the accident.


How do I know if auto glass damage can be repaired?

Very small damage can usually be repaired rather than replaced entirely. Damage smaller than the size of a dollar bill can likely be repaired, depending on the location of the damage.


How does the auto glass repair process work?

A windshield repair involves cleaning and treating the damage with specially designed tools and resins. In many cases, the damage can be repaired by one of our expert technicians in 30 minutes to an hour.


How long will my auto glass repair or replacement take?

If everything goes smoothly, a repair or replacement can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the damage, etc.


Can I drop off my vehicle?

Yes! You are welcome to wait on-site or come back when your auto glass replacement service is complete.


Will the auto glass technician come pick up my vehicle?

A technician will not come pick up your vehicle for auto glass replacement, however, we can come to you with our mobile auto glass repair services if that is more convenient than coming to one of our Auto Glass of America locations.


How long will it be before I can safely drive my vehicle?

With a new windshield, it is usually recommended you wait one hour before getting on the road with your vehicle.


My rear view mirror is attached to my windshield. Will the technician attach it to the new windshield?

Yes! Your rear view mirror will be removed and attached to your new windshield.


Windshield Repair and Replacement with Auto Glass of America

At Auto Glass of America, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest standard of quality service. Our trained and certified technicians have the experience to assist you with any automotive glass issue you may have from windshields to side windows, as well as back glass replacement and side view mirrors.  

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